How to dispose of an old mattress

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The day has arrived--your new Bolster Sleep Company mattress is here!  We want to be sure your day goes smoothly.  The first question people often ask us is, "What do I do with my old mattress?"

Responsibly removing your mattress is important.  Many cities have rules and regulations surrounding the disposal of mattresses.  Additionally, dumping your mattress is both illegal and irresponsible.  Most components of a mattress are recyclable, so before investigating the disposal of it, we recommend these options:

We suggest you first attempt finding someone in need of your mattress, or finding a recycling facility.  The list below is a great place to start that research.

If you are unable to find someone to accept it, then these disposal options may work.    

  • Local Trash Service - Check locally as there may be rules, regulations, and fees for mattress disposal.  
  • Bye-Bye Mattresses
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK - We have a national discount available.
  • Local Landfill - Call for times, locations, and fees.

With a little planning you can find a home for your old mattress or responsibly dispose of it.

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