Is an Adjustable Bed For You?

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Tired of tossing and turning at night? Ready to say “Good-bye” to your partner’s snoring? An adjustable bed could be just what you need for consistently better sleep.

The clear advantage of an adjustable bed is that you create a customized sleep experience. Want to elevate your legs just a bit? Go for it! Need to raise your head to reduce strain on your neck? Do it! Since the head and foot move independently, you can find the perfect position. These small adjustments can alleviate pain, discomfort, and even reduce snoring.

Our adjustable base offers features that make for better, more consistent sleeping. Features such as full body massage, zero gravity pre-sets, and even an anti-snore angle, all are within the touch of a button on your wireless remote. How does the anti-snore button work? It automatically elevates the head of the bed to 7 degrees, opening airways to help reduce snoring. Heck you might even be able to sleep in the same room again or throw out the ear plugs!  

If you have medical concerns or simply want better overall sleep, adjustable bases can help improve circulation, swelling, breathing, acid reflux, and back pain. By finding the most comfortable ergonomic position for you, better sleep is on its way.

Combine the adjustable base with our luxury hybrid mattress and experience a cooler and more supportive sleep. The fabric-encased innersprings are proven to transfer heat 28% more efficiently than an all-foam mattress. Add in the fact that we cover our mattress with the cooling fiber TENCEL™, and you have an overall cooler and more comfortable night’s rest.

One of the first questions people ask us before buying our adjustable bed is will it work with my furniture. The answer is most likely. They are designed to fit inside existing rails and sides. For example, if you have a sleigh bed, you simply remove the cross supports and place the base inside. The bed rests independently on 4 adjustable legs so there is no perceptible difference when looking at your bed.  

Still not sure if an adjustable bed is right for you? A study by Burke Research indicated that 90% of adjustable bed owners are happy with their beds.  We provide free in home setup and delivery, so this is most likely to be the easiest purchase you make!

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