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Ultimate Adjustable Bundle

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This is the way to sleep! Individual foot and head control combined with full body massage! Our most commonly purchased items are combined with the Ultimate Adjustable Base

Use the programmable remote to set the base at the perfect position for a Netlfix binge weekend.  After that, press the anti-snore preset to set your mate in the optimal position to reduce their snoring.  No matter what you want, it can adjust to your needs. Even in the middle of the night it is easy to use as the wireless remote have back-lit buttons, no more fumbling around.

The motors are whisper-quiet and the patented massage design is stunningly effective, yet quite at the same time. All of this is designed for one purpose, to get you the rest you deserve.

The Bolster mattress, Ultimate Adjustable Base, and protector, bring the TENCEL Sleep System to you.

Sleep cooler. Sleep better. Customize it your way.


The adjustable base includes FREE in-home, white glove delivery.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Headboard Bracket Issue with Reverie

My wife and I were very pleased with the bundle. We had a headboard and wanted to attach it to the adjustable base. I asked the white glove service person and they informed me that there was one and I could contact Reverie to purchase it. That seemed reasonable and easy to do.... far from it though. I contacted Reverie and specified the type of base I had and I ordered the kit. They did not provide any tracking information and after waiting 10 business days I contacted them and was told it was lost in transit and they would send it out. They thankfully provided tracking information and sent it 2-day. I was disappointed again when I realized they sent me the wrong kit. I then contacted Reverie about the problem. It appeared that the Reverie representative did not properly understand what bracket was supposed to go to this base. I sent pictures of the kit I received and explained in detail how it was not right. The representative told me that I was wrong and I had the right kit. They called me and told me they would check with their product development and follow up with me. They did not get back to me for over a week. They still did not have a useful response for me. When I replied to the representative's e-mail, the last time, I explained how I was frustrated that they were unable to correct a simple mistake and copied the e-mail to some important people at the company whose information I located through online research. I received a response the next day and the following day they express shipped the correct bracket to me. From my initial order to finally having the bracket took about 5 weeks. For those customers that purchase this base and it says R400 on the manual you need the "3E headboard bracket kit". My suggestion to Bolster is to make that an optional accessory to purchase with the bundle to save other customers from my awful experience. I will still recommend Bolster, but not any adjustable bed products made by Reverie.

Thank you for the feedback, we were not aware of the issue until the review. We are working with the vendor to prevent this from happening again. In the future, please reach out to us and we can obtain any missing or needed parts. Again, we are sorry for the experience, but at least glad you can still recommend Bolster.
Simple to buy

The bundle was simple and gave us everything we needed. Defintely the way to go.

Great purchase

I got the bundle, I sleep well and don't get hot.

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