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  • Do you ever get in bed, spend ten minutes adjusting your pillows, only to discover one of them is on the floor?  Or do you switch pillows during the night looking for the cool one? The Bolster Sleep Body Pillow replaces your current pillow brigade AND creates a cooler night's sleep.

    Our eco-friendly TENCEL fabric wicks heat and moisture away from your body, creating a cooling effect. The versatile C-shape design allows for customized support, just where and when you need it.

    Cuddle it, adjust it, and cajole it to the position you need! Our luxuriously soft body pillow helps you sleep through the night, whether from back injuries, pregnancy, or simply needing more support. During pregnancy it provides additional back and belly support, reducing the pressure, giving you a better night's rest.

    We use a hypoallergenic, luxurious, down alternative filling so you don't experience any sharp pokes during the night!  It is also free of allergens, odors, and is CertiPUR-US® certified! 

    Measuring 52” x 28" x 7”, the 7" loft helps elevate and align your hips into a natural position.

    The removable, washable TENCEL fiber cover makes for easy care. In fact, it comes with a 3 year warranty!

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    1. Measuring 52” x 28 x 7”, the 7" loft helps elevate and align your hips into a natural position.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
I love it!

Great for your back, support for your knees and neck. The fact the it’s a cool pillow is definitely a plus. It’s firm but not hard. I’d buy again.


I plan on returning the pillow. It was not comfortable for me.

Not perfect for me

I found this pillow well made and delivered on time. It does feel comfortable, but I find the part where I lay my head too firm. This leads to feeling achy after a few hours. I wish that part of the pillow was adjustable.

Comfy pillow, but a little too big

This is a great pillow, but when ordering I didn’t take into account that my husband and two small dogs share a bed with me! I have slept better with the pillow wrapped around me- it’s great for knee and back support. I don’t have any real issues (and I’m not pregnant), just wanted a pillow for more comfort. It is challenging to get out of it if you are up at night a few times.

My wife loves it!

This was a gift for my wife, so I asked her and she said 5 stars!!

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