TENCEL™ pillow

Say good-bye to sweaty heads, flimsy pillows, and an unsupported neck.  Say hello to a refreshing night's sleep.

Our TENCEL fiber pillow promotes restful sleep and great spinal support, while the natural properties of TENCEL wick away heat and moisture. Rest easy knowing it is made of eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

The shredded memory foam cradles your head while you sleep, allowing for a customization unattainable with most pillows.  Hypoallergenic and made with a removable, washable cover you are practically guaranteed a refreshing night's sleep.


Medium : 24" x 15" x 7"

Large: 29" x 16" x 7"


The TENCEL™ Smartpillow

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Sweet dreams

Fantastic sleep like no other. My cervical stenosis loves it...

Bolster Pillow

Love the pillow. No neck aches since I started sleeping on it!

Best pillow!

My new bolster pillow has been great. It provides incredible support, and I have noticed that I have tossed and turned less because of how cool it sleeps. It is definitely money well spent.

Most comfortable pillow ever

After 2 nights of sleeping with my new pillow, I can confidently say it’s the most comfortable pillow ever. I’ve slept with foam pillows for years, and this one tops them all. It stays cool all night and provides just the right amount of support.

Great, Consistent Comfort!

My wife purchased a Bolster Sleep pillow for me as a Christmas gift. I’ve been through many pillows, five in the past two years alone. Always there’s an issue with firmness and neck position. Until Bolster Sleep, I might get lucky and stack a combination of two pillows that would initially provide sleeping comfort. But over the night, because its two pillows, they would shift from a position of comfort to discomfort.
The Bolster Sleep pillow solves both issues. It being one pillow is an obvious fix to consistent positioning. And it dials in neck comfort in a way no other pillow has for me. It’s construction supports my head while allowing freedom of movement to reposition comfortably when turning during the night, something my past memory foam pillows failed at regularly. I highly recommend this pillow.

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